Page 6 - The Secret Mirror ( Dr. Joe Vitale) : Flip It & Read It
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Willem van Esch  I just started with the Secret
                          Mirror course. I only did the mirror technique twice
                          until now. I started the course because I’m finishing
                          reading Dr. Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits. Amazing!
                          Since then my transformation is at light speed,
                          having special experiences of growth and bliss. I
                          have been on the transformation path since over 35

                          years. But this light speed is miraculous. Let’s fly

                          Darcy Peltz Since taking the Secret Mirror course, I
                          have witnessed wonderful things unfold.
                          Unexpected connections with like-minded
                          individuals came my way in less than 24 hours, and

                          my husband and I were given free food and items
                          all within the same day! I have learned a lot about
                          myself and where my blocks are coming from in a
                          short amount of time as well. It feels wonderful to
                          finally be connected with The Law of Attraction. I
                          often use the Secret Mirror technique through my
                          iPhone camera while in the bath. I find that warm
                          water helps me feel more connected with the

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