Page 5 - The Secret Mirror ( Dr. Joe Vitale) : Flip It & Read It
P. 5

John Panella I used to be surprised by the
                          miracles that would happen, or the successes that I
                          would see, the coincidences that would unfold in
                          the universe to meet my desires… and I’m no
                          longer surprised.
                          One take-home message, if I can stress this more
                          than anything else, is the amount of stress that I’ve

                          been feeling over the time that I’ve been using this
                          process has been alleviated.
                          I’m thankful and grateful more now than ever have
                          and I’m so lucky to be in this situation. I can’t be
                          more thankful than I am right now.


                          Desh Dixon The Secret Mirror certainly caused me
                          to become aware of some limiting beliefs that I

                          have. We all have certain beliefs but sometimes are
                          not aware of them being there.
                          When I was going through the process I certainly
                          had some aha moments that surprisingly I didn’t
                          even think were even there. But that’s the beauty,
                          you get the chance to wake up and then be able to
                          take action from there.

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