Page 4 - The Secret Mirror ( Dr. Joe Vitale) : Flip It & Read It
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Here’s what people in our

                  community said as a result of

                  completing The Secret Mirror

           Results From Students Of The Secret Mirror

                          Neil Schuman When I started using the Secret
                          Mirror, I got wonderful advice and had a great year.I
                          was actually surprised that I had even better results
                          the second time around. I was voted as Manetto Hill
                          Jewish Center’s Rabbi.Thanks for believing in me
                          and giving me the tools to advance my life.


                          Mélissa Grenier It was just an incredible
                          experience and I am so grateful for that. It’s
                          amazing how my perception of life is different now
                          that I have my “worthy hat” on! Even in the very
                          simple things I see or do, everything has changed,
                          because now I am sure I can have and be whatever
                          and whoever I want to be. There is no limit,
                          because I am worthy of the best life!   There are

                          no better feelings than this one!!
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